DrugLoo Evolution Unit

The DrugLoo Evolution unit is semi-automatic. All aspects of the recovery procedure are controlled from the front of the suitable duration and sequence of washing and retrieval of the packages. The operator does not have to manually manipulate any of the recovered substances. The interior of the recovery chamber is clearly visible at all times to maintain continuity of evidence. Packages and feces are automatically transferred from the WC bowl into the washing/recovery chamber and can be gently tumbled while being sprayed with water that also contains the correct amount of Anti-Microbial Concentrate via the automatic dosing unit contained within the equipment.

The equipment comprises five prefabricated parts, which are easily bolted together onsite. The complete equipment is manufactured from high grade stainless steel, unless otherwise stated, and built sturdily enough to withstand the abuse likely to be encountered in a corrections environment. Please ensure that your water supply to the DrugLoo unit conforms to your local regulations.