IP Panel Phone

Viking’s K-1900-712L-IP panel phone is durable, easy to use and provides added strength to hold up under heavy abuse. The K-1900-712L-IP vandal resistant VoIP SIP panel phone is equipped with a short 12-inch armored handset cable to reduce the risk of users harming themselves, their surroundings, or the phone itself. The armored handset cable is reinforced with an internal steel lanyard to withstand abuse from users pulling and tugging on the handset.

Key features include a vandal resistant handset and cable, plus a heavy-duty stainless-steel faceplate. Viking’s Enhanced Weather Protection option is available for added protection against environmental factors.

Each K-1900-712L-IP phone offers a built-in 4 number auto dialer which cycles through pre-programmed numbers on a busy signal or no-answer. An onboard relay can be programmed to trigger security devices or access control when the phone is in use or when a correct touch tone code is entered by the called party. The K-1900-712L-IP is PoE powered and compatible with a wide array of VoIP SIP phone system providers.

Viking Electronics Inc.