Anti-Slip Sealer

TracSafe® Anti-Slip Sealer from Daich Coatings can help reduce slips and falls on surfaces throughout correctional facility settings. With anti-slip ratings up to twice the OSHA standard, TracSafe provides aggressive anti-slip performance with all-weather durability for both interior and exterior areas around any correctional facility.


This sealer performs double-duty—as both a high-performance clear coat that strengthens and protects surfaces—while also helping to protect the inmate residents and employees who walk on it from slip and fall mishaps. Its odorless water-based technology bonds firmly to all types of flooring materials, from concrete, masonry, stone and pavers, to tile, vinyl, linoleum and pre-painted surfaces —indoors and out.


In correctional facility settings, TracSafe can be applied to entrances and steps, walkways and access ramps and commercial/industrial floors. Basement and garage areas, plus hallways and often-traveled common areas for facility residents also benefit from the anti-slip sealer.


To install TracSafe, simply roll down two coats of the product a few hours apart using a 3/8-inch paint roller. Light foot traffic can be resumed in four to six hours (or when fully dry), with normal foot traffic allowed the following day after a 24-hour cure period.


TracSafe’s contains a low VOC pre-mixed formula that features fast dry-time and easy water clean-up. Once applied, it provides all-season exterior durability and reliable long-term slip-resistance indoors and out.