New Jail, Courtrooms Could Solve Fresno Overcrowding Issue

FRESNO, Calif. — As jail populations continue to swell, Fresno County officials are considering two expansion options that may ease its stressed correctional system. The Fresno County Board of Supervisors has recently requested state assistance to build and operate two new arraignment courtrooms, and has been pursuing competitive funds to replace an aging jail complex.

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Lawsuits Brought Against California County Correctional Facilities

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — With Gov. Jerry Brown’s AB 109 that sends low-level offenders to county jails rather than state correctional facilities, California county jails have witnessed an influx of lawsuits for alleged unsuitable facilities.

Lawsuits against Alameda, Fresno and Riverside counties have sprung from growing populations that have caused more demands in terms of mental health services.

The Prison Law Office, headquartered in Berkeley, Calif., is heading lawsuits in Fresno and Riverside counties.

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