Lawsuits Brought Against California County Correctional Facilities

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — With Gov. Jerry Brown’s AB 109 that sends low-level offenders to county jails rather than state correctional facilities, California county jails have witnessed an influx of lawsuits for alleged unsuitable facilities.

Lawsuits against Alameda, Fresno and Riverside counties have sprung from growing populations that have caused more demands in terms of mental health services.

The Prison Law Office, headquartered in Berkeley, Calif., is heading lawsuits in Fresno and Riverside counties.

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Arizona DOC Investigates Concerns Over Inmate Health Care

PHOENIX — All state and federal inmates are provided health care under the law, but the conditions of the medical care and lack of attention has caused some serious allegations by inmates against their respected facilities.

Arizona’s Department of Corrections has agreed to investigate multiple complaints by inmates about the lack of medical care they are receiving. In California, four prisoners in the Fresno Jail filed a class action lawsuit for ultimately violating the prisoners’ Constitutional rights by failing to provide basic health care.

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