California Report: End of Legislative Session Update

The California Legislature has concluded business for the year and Sunday, Sept. 30, 2012 was Governor Brown’s deadline to act on all legislation pending on his desk for the 2012 legislative session. Although the Legislature will convene for organizational session on Dec. 3, 2012, it will largely resume its work in January 2013.

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SB 9 Signed: Fair Sentencing for Youth Act

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — On the last day of September, Calif. Governor Jerry Brown announced that he has signed into law the Fair Sentencing for Youth Act, known as Senate Bill 9. The act requires those sentenced to life without parole for crimes committed when they were minors to serve at least 25 years in prison before they become eligible for parole.

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California Report

Gov. Jerry Brown Signs 2012-13 Budget

On June 27th the California Legislature passed the remaining budget trailer bills including all those related to corrections and public safety, and the Governor signed all of the bills to complete the 2012-13 budget package.

On June 15th the Senate and Assembly passed a budget and a few essential trailer bills in order to meet the constitutional deadline. Below are specific provisions related to corrections and public safety.

Public Safety Details

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California Gov. Brown Seeks to Cut Billions in Prison Construction

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California may slash $4.1 billion in construction plans, bring back inmates housed in other states and close one of its costliest facilities.

The plan would reduce general fund spending on prisons to 7.5 percent from 11 percent, under a proposal unveiled by Governor Jerry Brown and the Corrections and Rehabilitation Department. The $4.1 billion is part of a $7.7 billion bond plan approved in 2007 to build more prisons as a way to ease crowding.

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Not All in Agreement Over Realignment

LOS ANGELES — California Gov. Jerry Brown’s decision to move nonviolent criminals and parolees from state operated prisons to county facilities may put a strain on local services.

A recent RAND Corp. study, “Understanding the Public Health Implications of Prisoner Reentry,” said that by shifting the prisoners to county jails it could put a strain on local healthcare and social service programs that have already been hit by budget cuts.

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