Arizona DOC to Purchase Kingman Facility

GOLDEN VALLEY, Ariz. — Arizona Department of Corrections (DOC) officials received approval from a legislative committee in June to purchase the Arizona State Prison-Kingman, located in Golden Valley, from GEO Group of Boca Raton, Fla., for upwards of $137 million. GEO Group has a contract to operate the facility through 2023.

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Arizona Department of Corrections Privatizes Health Care

PHOENIX — The Arizona Department of Corrections awarded a $349 million, three-year contract to Pittsburgh, Pa.-based Wexford Health Sources Inc. to privatize health care in Arizona’s state-run prisons.

The contract was approved by Corrections Director Charles Ryan and reviewed by Governor Jan Brewer before issued. The contract will be renewable for two additional years.

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Arizona DOC Investigates Concerns Over Inmate Health Care

PHOENIX — All state and federal inmates are provided health care under the law, but the conditions of the medical care and lack of attention has caused some serious allegations by inmates against their respected facilities.

Arizona’s Department of Corrections has agreed to investigate multiple complaints by inmates about the lack of medical care they are receiving. In California, four prisoners in the Fresno Jail filed a class action lawsuit for ultimately violating the prisoners’ Constitutional rights by failing to provide basic health care.

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