Lafayette County to Replace 124-Year-Old Jail

PITTSBURGH — Lafayette County commissioners recently approved a $31 million jail facility in Pittsburgh. The 480-bed structure will replace the current 124-year-old Uniontown Jail, address overcrowding issues and bring the county to full correctional facility standards compliance.

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Planning for New Jail Now Underway

HOT SPRINGS, S.D. — A new Fall River County Jail is in the planning stages. Members of the Fall River County Planning Committee — made up of a quorum of county commissioners — met on March 7 to discuss a wide range of topics, including how the committee would function, staffing of the potential facility, and how the hillside behind the proposed structure might be affected.

County Auditor Sue Ganje told the committee that the county had $600, 000 in its building fund and a total of $1,195,814 in its jail fund.

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