Kansas and Washington Face Overcrowding

TOPEKA, Kan. — States throughout the U.S. are experiencing record high incarceration rates — including Kansas. The state’s Department of Corrections is addressing the issue and working on predicting where more problems could lie in the future.

There are currently 8,635 inmates housed in Kansas and the number continues to grow. The average men’s jail exceeds capacity by over 250 inmates and women’s facilities are reaching capacity quickly.

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Supreme Court Orders Calif. To Release Inmates

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Supreme Court has ordered California to release tens of thousands of prisoners to relieve overcrowding.


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Legal Challenges to Drive Calif. Prison Construction

There is no end in sight to California’s prison woes.
Last month the state’s newly elected Gov. Jerry Brown proposed moving low-level offenders from state prisons to county jails to ease prison overcrowding and reduce the state’s $28 billion deficit.
A federal court ruled in 2009 that California must reduce its state prison population by 30,000. The U.S.

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County Sheriffs Doubt Calif. Prison Proposal

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California sheriffs say county jails are overcrowded, casting doubt on Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposal to transfer 40,000 low-level offenders from state to county jails.

The proposal is part of Brown’s efforts to reduce California’s gaping budget deficit.

Jails in 20 counties — including Sacramento, Placer, Yolo and El Dorado — are under court order to release inmates when they become too crowded. Jails there often operate at or near capacity.

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CA Gov. Proposes Moving State Inmates to Local Jails

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California’s new Governor Jerry Brown will propose moving low-level offenders from state prisons to county jails as part of his plan to reduce the state’s $28 billion deficit.
Brown has not yet announced the specifics behind his county jail proposal.
In order to reduce overcrowding and improve medical services in the state prison system, a federal court ruled that California must reduce its state prison population by 30,000. The U.S.

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Texas County to Build New Jail

CORYELL COUNTY, Texas — Commissioners in Coryell County, Texas approved the construction of a new jail to help alleviate overcrowding. The current 92-bed capacity jail is approximately 50 beds short of the number needed to house the inmate population by 2027.
San Antonio architectural firm DRG presented plans for a 64,000-square-foot building that would increase the capacity to 240 beds.

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Overcrowding Issues Lead to Tennessee Inmate Transfer

STEWART COUNTY, Tenn. — Female inmates in the Stewart County Jail in Dover, Tenn., are now being housed in another facility in nearby Henry County due to the jail losing its certification from the state.
A recent inspection by the Tennessee Corrections Institute turned up several areas that must be changed in order for the jail to remain certified. An uncertified jail is not allowed to operate.

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