Waste Management

One Plus Corp. introduces the new Wireless Modem Option as a solution to waste compactor monitor installations where conventional telephone service is unavailable or difficult to reach.

An on-site Waste Edge Monitor System, installed in proximity to a waste compactor, automatically recognizes and reports compactor container fullness levels. The system eliminates pick-ups of partially empty compactor containers.

The system automatically reports to an office PC, Fax, Pager, and sends e-mail message to management and/or directly to a hauler when a container is ready for pick-up.

Private: Waste Management

Air Cycle Corporation is offering a new program for institutions looking to recycle lamps, ballasts and batteries with special packaging sent via FedEx. The company offers two lamp-recycling boxes, a battery-recycling box and a box for recycling ballasts.

After a customer places an order, Air Cycle ships one of the containers. When the customer fills the container it is then shipped to a recycling center. The products eliminate possible storage problems for materials that cannot be disposed of in a landfill.