Wastewater System

For low-energy, tertiary wastewater treatment applications, the AlgaePac system from Oldcastle Precast Inc. features patented Algaewheel technology to provide a diverse ecological environment for expanded wastewater treatment. The eco-friendly AlgaePac wastewater treatment system significantly reduces energy and operational costs, according to the company. In the AlgaePac environment, bacteria convert organic carbon into food for the algae, which then produces food for the bacteria.

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Sensor-Operated Flush Valve

Moen Inc. announced the release of the FreeHand sensor-operated flush valve. The valve provides energy savings by using an infrared sensor to activate the flush cycle, which ensures efficient water use, according to the company. The sensor uses standard AA batteries or an AC adapter. Features include a 24-hour sentinel flush, self-cleaning filter system, operating pressures ranging from 10 to 120 PSI, manual override button and self-lubricating silicone seals.

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Drain System

NDS Inc. expanded its drainage product line with the Dura Slope trench drain system. An alternative to concrete products, the system is engineered to intercept and collect surface water runoff and is compatible with 3-, 4-, 6- and 8-inch pipes. It consists of an in-line catch basin, 24 presloped channels and nine neutral channel sections.

Sloped channel sections enable the system to extend to 96 feet and neutral channels can be added on for increased lengths of up to 266 feet.

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Replaceable Drain Traps

Kaeser Compressors introduces the new Eco-Drain 30 and 31 sensor-actuated drain traps. They are quick-fit service modules that snap into place, eliminating routine drain rebuilds. The product discharges contaminated condensate without releasing compressed air.

The drain traps feature aluminum housing, pilot air-controlled valve technology, dry contacts for central alarm signaling, LEDs and a test button.

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Toilet/Sink COMBO

Willoughby Industries offers the combination lavatory/sink unit fabricated from 14-gauge, type 304 stainless steel. The fixture is designed for installation on a finished wall and serviced from an accessible pipe chase. Features include a 13-inch x 9.5-inch x 6-inch elongated toilet bowl, a contoured seat with flushing rim, fast drain with air vent, a 1.5-inch lavatory elbow waste, stainless steel penal filler/bubbler, air-circulating, self-draining soap dish and mounting hardware.

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Water Heater

RBI introduces the Futera Fusion, a highly efficient boiler and hot water heater that is OBR-listed and up to 97.5 percent efficient with each model capable of reaching 99 percent at minimum inputs.

It features solid bronze headers, a gasketless heat exchanger and finned copper or cupronickel tubing for improved heat transfer. The boiler has full modulation and a 3:1 turndown.

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The Seamless System by Prime Coat provides a flooring option for new and retrofit shower applications in the corrections industry. The product is durable, easy to clean, and is designed to provide a lining for rooms that undergo constant thermal, chemical and physical exposure. Unlike tile, the flooring cannot be pried off and used as a weapon.

Using a chemical process, the product is bonded to the substrate and linked together to create a seamless surface. Nylon tape reinforces the areas where the walls transition to the floors.

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A new brochure detailing Leonard Valve Company’s line of thermostatic emergency mixing valves is now available.

The valves are designed to control water temperature for emergency showers, eyewash and face wash units in commercial, institutional and industrial applications. The brochure includes product descriptions and information on flow capacity, performance, supply conditions and installation for each model. A specification guide and information on ANSI standards for emergency equipment are also included.

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The B-Series bronze control valve is available from Spirax Sarco and is designed for industrial HVAC, food and beverage, textile and automotive applications.

The product is housed in a bronze body with a nitrile-reinforced rubber diaphragm and stainless steel head, stem and seat. It is available in 1/2-inch to 2-inch body sizes. Features include stem seals, one-piece plug/stem design and a non-threaded seat for reliable shut-off.

The B-series can be used with steam, water, gases and other liquids at a maximum temperature of 204 Celsius and a maximum pressure of 27 bar gauge.

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Stainless Steel Lavatory Fittings

Willoughby Industries introduces direct stainless steel replacement sinks for existing vitreous china units. Customers can provide the vitreous china sink manufacturer name and model number or a detailed dimensional drawing and direct stainless steel replacements can be manufactured for their facility. Replacement lavatory valve assemblies are available as well. No re-plumbing or wall demolition is required for installation.

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