Wastewater System

For low-energy, tertiary wastewater treatment applications, the AlgaePac system from Oldcastle Precast Inc. features patented Algaewheel technology to provide a diverse ecological environment for expanded wastewater treatment. The eco-friendly AlgaePac wastewater treatment system significantly reduces energy and operational costs, according to the company. In the AlgaePac environment, bacteria convert organic carbon into food for the algae, which then produces food for the bacteria. As a result, a robust ecological environment and a treatment plant provides tertiary treatment, low energy requirements, and low maintenance through use of simple technology and natural processes. The system is appropriate for surface discharge, subsurface discharge, or water reuse systems. Its modular, pre-packaged design provides rapid installation and ease of expansion. Algae biomass generated from the system is a renewable biomass source for biofuel production, cogeneration or fertilizer.

Oldcastle Precast Inc.