Facility Water Control

Sloan Valve Company offers several models of its Royal Flushometers for prisons. The products are built to withstand high-use and high-abuse environments while offering water-saving flush cycles to conserve water and reduce operating expenses.

The units are concealed and the diaphragm-type Flushometers are available for water closets and urinals. The new Hydraulic Royal Model 9611 for water closets has two non-hold-open actuator types — a metal button fixture-wall or a panel-mount actuator.

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Waste Management

One Plus Corp. introduces the new Wireless Modem Option as a solution to waste compactor monitor installations where conventional telephone service is unavailable or difficult to reach.

An on-site Waste Edge Monitor System, installed in proximity to a waste compactor, automatically recognizes and reports compactor container fullness levels. The system eliminates pick-ups of partially empty compactor containers.

The system automatically reports to an office PC, Fax, Pager, and sends e-mail message to management and/or directly to a hauler when a container is ready for pick-up.

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Non-Submersible Waste Disposal Motors

JWC Environmental introduced a new series of immersible motors developed for the company by Baldor. The new motors operate continuously in ambient air, unlike submersible motors.

The immersible motors are designed for applications that are prone to intermittent flooding because they are designed to operate exposed to air, along with the capacity for 30 feet of submergence during flooding.

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Wastewater Concrete Protection

Tnemec Co. Inc. recently introduced two new products, Series 434 Perma-Shield H2S and Series 435 Perma-Glaze, which protect concrete in extreme wastewater environments.

Series 434 Perma-Shield H2S is a modified polymer-mortar designed to combat severe corrosion. The durable, low-permeation lining protects concrete against the harsh chemicals and abrasion found in wastewater immersion service.

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Portable Toilets

Michaels of Oregon announces a partnership with Montana-based Phillips Environmental that gives the company exclusive distribution rights to market and sell the PETT (Portable Environmental Toilet) compact dry toilet system to the law enforcement markets.

The PETT System features a briefcase-size portable toilet with folding tripod legs, a 6-foot 6-inch PUP tent for privacy and 15 WAG (Waste Alleviation & Gelling) bags that contain a bio-active, non-toxic gelling powder called Pooh-Powder. The complete system fits into the included TOTE backpack for easy transport.

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Sewage Screens

JWC Environmental recently made several technology upgrades to their Auger Monster prison wastewater screen. The screen is an all-in-one system with five stages (grind, remove, wash, convey, and dewater) that lead to better capture and cleaner screenings discharge.

Improvements include fan sprays for better screenings washing, rotating perforated drums for more capture efficiency, and a dewatering section that squeezes water out of discharged screenings. The unit is built specifically to handle the high solids concentration of prison wastewater.

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Sewage Grinder

The Muffin Monster by JWC Environmental is designed to shred large solids (such as rags, rocks, plastics and trash) into tiny particles that flow harmlessly through pumps, pipes and dewatering equipment. It produces a homogenous particle size to improve the efficiency of dewatering equipment, says the company. The patented Muffin Monster includes many design improvements, including the ease and flexibility of a uni-body housing, a wide assortment of cutter options, free exchange units and mechanical shaft seals.

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