Facility Water Control

Sloan Valve Company offers several models of its Royal Flushometers for prisons. The products are built to withstand high-use and high-abuse environments while offering water-saving flush cycles to conserve water and reduce operating expenses.

The units are concealed and the diaphragm-type Flushometers are available for water closets and urinals. The new Hydraulic Royal Model 9611 for water closets has two non-hold-open actuator types — a metal button fixture-wall or a panel-mount actuator. It also features high-copper/low-zinc brass casting for dezincification resistance, fixed metering bypass, and no external volume adjustment to ensure water conservation.

The company also offers its Programmed Water Technologies product line, which includes systems that allow remote or centralized control of toilets, sinks and showers. The product line allows facility operators to control usage to individual fixtures or entire building for maintenance and security reasons.