Water Heater

RBI introduces the Futera Fusion, a highly efficient boiler and hot water heater that is OBR-listed and up to 97.5 percent efficient with each model capable of reaching 99 percent at minimum inputs.

It features solid bronze headers, a gasketless heat exchanger and finned copper or cupronickel tubing for improved heat transfer. The boiler has full modulation and a 3:1 turndown. A metal-fiber burner allows seamless modulating turndown, ultra-low emission levels and quiet operation, according to the company.

It automatically adjusts energy input to precisely match the heating load without over-firing or wasting fuel. It is available as a fully packaged unit, including a integral water pump, near boiler piping, low-temperature mixing value and a secondary heat exchanger.

The system is available in sizes from 500MBH to 2,000MBH. It is 29 inches wide, allowing it to fit through standard doors.