Jackson County Jail Construction Underway

PASCAGOULA, Miss. — After much anticipation, construction on the about $30 million Jackson County Adult Detention Center in Pascagoula is finally underway. The 104,105-square-foot, 776-bed center will replace the current 30,611-square-foot, 427-bed facility, solving the longstanding issue of overcrowding in the area.

Montgomery, Ala.-based Caddell Construction Co., the general contractor on the project, began work in early 2014 and anticipates completion to be late March 2015. So far, the construction team has worked on key projects such as stormwater infrastructure, clearing and grubbing, and foundation construction.

The new jail will consists of three pods — each with a ground floor and mezzanine floor — with a separate administrative section, Jackson County Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Ray Bates told the Construction Equipment Guide. The new facility will offer locking cells for all of the inmates, with the exception of the dormitory-style classification and inmate worker day rooms. These extra day rooms will allow inmates to be better classified, which will provide a safer environment for both staff and inmates. The new jail is also designed with enough space that can be expanded with the addition of a fourth pod. As for the individual jail cells, they will be factory-built and can be installed at the site as a unified product.

The current jail was built in 1978 to house 79 inmates. It has undergone two additions that have increased the bed capacity; however, the kitchen and laundry facilities still support the original capacity. The new facility is adjacent to the current jail in downtown Pascagoula. The county might decide to use a portion of the old jail for archives and evidence storage once the new building is completed.

Given the facility’s location on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, hurricanes preparation is a key part of the design. As such, the detention center is being built with modular metal that will be able to withstand winds of up to 150 miles per hour.