Video Provides Correctional Insights on Containing COVID-19

By CN Staff

MARY’S COUNTY, Md.—GUARDIAN RFID has partnered with Anne Spaulding, MD, and Mary Ann Thompson of St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office (MD) to create an informative video (and adjoining written report) regarding how to prevent and combat COVID-19 in corrections facilities. It was created along with a video regarding the difference between surgical and N95 masks—including who should wear them, why wear them, and how to wear them.

“We deal with risks and threats daily as corrections professionals. Infectious diseases are part of what we face on our daily walks. We can’t stop taking in detainees just because there’s a pandemic,” said Ken Dalley, President of Guardian RFID. “So what do we do? GUARDIAN RFID has partnered with Anne Spaulding, MD, an infectious disease specialist who breaks down what COVID-19 (coronavirus) is, how we can help stop the transmission from inmate to inmate, and inmate to officer. Our goal is to help supply the information and tools to reduce risk and help provide a safer, smarter, more secure facility.”

GUARDIAN RFID specializes in managing, monitoring, and tracking inmates in-custody to mitigate risk, maximize defensibility and strengthen compliance with its Command and Control platform.