PSE Celebrates 35th Year of Serving the Industry

By CN Staff

LANSDALE, Pa.—Professional Systems Engineering, LLC (PSE), located in Lansdale, is celebrating its 35th anniversary. And according to the firm’s founder, it’s all about the people behind the projects.

“As this milestone is upon us, it allows us to pause, reflect and celebrate the people that have paved the way,” said Jerry ‘Dutch’ Forstater, CEO and founder. “Now our collective group continues the work to design, help communicate and protect what’s ahead through the 21st Century.”

Launched in 1986, PSE expanded to their office in Harleysville two years later; 17 years after that PSE moved to its current location in Lansdale, with offices in Germantown, Md., and San Diego.

Forstater gives major kudos to the loyal and dedicated staff at his firm for its years of success.

“Because of PSE’s great people, we achieved A/E industry and technical recognition, won notable awards, commendations and engineering prizes – to name a few PSE received; Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award 2007 from the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers (PSPE) for high-tech security systems at North Branch Correctional Institution and in 2011 Security Innovation Award for historic Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, D.C.,” he remarked.

PSE’s leadership includes Michael Michalski, Jason Delp, Thomas Pilson, and Timothy Bergan –whom Forstater lauded for their guidance and industry innovation.

Michalski has been with PSE for 22 years and his career started with electronic installations for contractors and designing electronics and applying critical construction industry know-how. He began as a CAD designer and worked his way to a project manager, and eventually to his current role and Principal. His work has included working with the NYC Department of Corrections on one of the largest CCTV camera systems ever implemented.

Jason Delp, PE, PSE’s Director of Engineering, leads the group of engineers in the design process – guiding project standards, performing quality reviews, scheduling of project deliverables, and projections of related workload activities. Jason’s career at PSE started back as a summer intern during college, and he later joined the firm full time 18 years ago.

Long before Thomas Pilson joined PSE, he had a long and distinguished career within a justice facility as a youth counselor and site administrator. Pilson made a lasting impression, while PSE worked with him on various Delaware County, Pa., projects as their IT/Security Professional   Liaison, and Forstater said he was grateful when Pilson finally agreed to join PSE.

Pilson was the lead recently for a well-recognized project; the PA DGS Capital Complex, Auxiliary Sites, and Police Command Center providing design and engineering services for all security and overall enterprise security monitoring and integration for five cities. The project was recognized by the Philadelphia Chapter of the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers for “Outstanding Engineering Achievement for 2019.”

Bergan is PSE’s leading expert in AV and IT Communication engineering. He joined PSE in 2006. and has continued broadening his knowledge throughout his tenure with the firm.

“These leaders have continued to contribute and thrive in this era, taking on challenges, remembering their mission of engineering excellence in order to manage and create longevity, sustainability, and hope for the good of our public safety,” Forstater added.