Secure Video Visitation Booth

Tate® Inc. has announced the launch of its newest product, the Secure Video Visitation Booth for correctional facilities.

The Secure Video Visitation Booth (SVVB) is a secure enclosure facilitating offender video conferencing. The product is the first in the Fast Flexible Cell product line, which was developed to deliver a variety of prefabricated, modular units to address the emerging needs of the corrections industry. The SVVB modular units can replace in-person visits requiring confidentiality, including legal consultations, judicial hearings, mental competency hearings, telehealth appointments and family visitation. SVVB has been developed in collaboration with correctional industry leaders including Ross & Baruzzini, River City Construction and Salke Advisory Group.

Utilization of the SVVB reduces the cost of operating prisons and jails by reducing offender transport, and therefore improving safety and security for offenders, staff and civilians.

The detention-grade SVVB unit is manufactured in the United States and is easy to install. By design, its plug and play capability works with the facility’s preferred video hardware and videoconferencing system. Additionally, it provides confidential acoustics, is ADA compliant and is customizable in terms of orientation and integrated components.

Tate, Inc.