Visitation Station

Norix offers the InteleStation series of secure wall- and floor-mount cabinets, which incorporate a .375-inch polycarbonate protective view designed to protect video-visitation units. Cabinets are constructed of 12-gauge stainless steel with a powder-coated steel top and access sections. The writing surface is sloped to discourage placement of liquid containers. Cabinets are also available in heavy-duty, 45-pound density particleboard and

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Video Visitation

The Video Visitation Unit from Montgomery Technology Incorporated houses a 17-inch LCD monitor and a 380 TV LOR camera protected by a 3/8-inch thick sheet of Plexiglas. It provides full audio using a Walker hearing aid-compatible handset with volume control. The video and audio are digitized and compressed into a MPEG4 stream at the unit providing real-time operation.

The handset is fastened to the unit with a 29-inch armored cable, and rests on a magnetic hanger. All components are secured with 14-gauge housing and are accessible by removing the top of the unit.

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IP Video

Prison Vision by Cremer Engineering is designed to allow conferences between inmate and visitor while keeping direct contact to a minimum, eliminating the problems associated with traditional visitations.

Cremer Engineering offers Prison Vision in an Internet Protocol-based configuration in which a visitation cart has an IP address, so it doesn’t matter where the cart is plugged in.

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Flat-Panel Visitation

VUGate Inc. recently expanded its line of steel equipment enclosures for its inmate video-visitation system. The Flat Panel Visitation Module augments VUGate’s longstanding line of steel enclosures, including full size visitation enclosures for traditional television monitors and mobile roll-about enclosures, supporting up to 27″ televisions, for segregation, medical and arraignment uses.

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Floor-Mounted Terminal

Multimedia Telesys’ patented Floor-Mounted Video Visitation System provides a solution for face-to-face visitor and inmate visits in jail and detention facilities. This new product extends the visitation applications to building lobby centers in businesses, both onsite and remote.

These new units can be used in lobbies, cellblocks, conference rooms, medical wards, courts, federal and government buildings and other facilities.

The unit is designed to increase privacy.

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Video Communications

Tandberg introduced a comprehensive set of video-communication tools specifically designed for judicial systems in North America, from courtrooms to correctional facilities.

The suite of products provides inmates full access to their judicial rights, letting them communicate by video with their lawyers, judges, and parole officers for sentencing and hearings. They also enable families and attorneys to meet with inmates by video without entering the correctional facility, which often can prove troubling for children and the inmates.

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