Merced Announces Solar Powered Facilities

EL NIDO, Calif. — Merced County has recently announced the commission of its new 1.4-megawatt photovoltaic array to power the county’s correctional facilities in El Nido, Calif.

The solar power system consists of two triangular shaped arrays with a total of 6,272-solar panels ground-mounted on 4.5-acres next to the John Latorraca Correctional Facility and the Iris Garrett Juvenile Justice Correctional Complex.

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County Expects $9 Million in Solar Savings

WOODLAND, Calif. — Yolo County could save an estimated $9 million in energy costs following the completion of a one-megawatt solar installation that will supply power to the county’s justice center.
County officials worked with energy services firm SunPower Corp., based in San Jose, Calif., to install the solar energy system, which consists of 3,560 high-efficiency panels that track the sun to maintain optimal output throughout daylight hours.

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Alcatraz Goes Solar With 1,360 Panels

SAN FRANCISCO — The former federal penitentiary on Alcatraz Island will once again play a role in removing harmful elements from the community after plans emerged for a solar energy system that will reduce carbon emissions from “the Rock.”
Approximately 1,360 solar panels are being installed on the main prison building and ancillary structures to replace two aging diesel generators that power facility operations on the island, according to the National Park Service, which operates Alcatraz.

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