Major Ruling for Ohio Youth Prisons

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Federal judge, Algenon Marbley recently ended most of his court-ordered monitoring of Ohio’s youth prison system. Certain elements still remain, including continued oversight of mental health services and units for those with behavioral issues.

Issues in the Ohio youth prison system have been officially on record since a 2004 lawsuit and then later in a settlement agreement in 2008 — but now work is finally progressing, according to Cincinnati lawyer representing juvenile inmates Alphonse Gerhardstein.

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A Number of States Report Significant Reductions in Recidivism, According to NRRC Report

NEW YORK — The Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center’s National Reentry Resource Center (NRRC) released a policy brief on Sept. 25, 2012, highlighting a number of states reporting significant, reductions in recidivism.

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Ohio Sheriff is Committed to Providing Quality Health Care for Jail Detainees

Sheriff Drew Alexander has Nearly 40 Years of Law Enforcement Experience, Having Spent the Last 11 Years as Sheriff

“In the decisions we make as law enforcement officers, we must always ask, ‘Is this decision ethical? Is it honest? After I make this decision, will others think of me as a person of integrity?’ That’s the standard. That’s the test.”

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Juvenile Facilities Report Suggests Changes in Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Mentally ill youth in Ohio juvenile facilities should be transferred to psychiatric facilities to receive the best possible treatment, a new analysis of the state’s youth services recommends.

The state’s most acutely mentally ill youth should be transferred to psychiatric treatment facilities if hospitalized or in other settings outside of detention, according to the report, which makes several recommendations for improving the system.

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Ohio Looks to Reduce Inmate Population, Privatize

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Ohio House of Representatives passed a measure to reduce the size of the state’s prison population.
The state currently houses approximately 51,000 offenders with capacity for only 38,389 inmates. It is the sixth largest prison system in the United States. House Bill 86 passed by a vote of 95-2.
House Bill 86, passed in a 95-2 vote, allows for the release of inmates who have served at least 85 percent their sentences.

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AJA Conference Preview

Cincinnati hosts the American Jail Association’s 30th Annual Training Conference and Jail Expo on May 15-19 at the Duke Energy Convention Center.
The conference will feature more than 40 workshops on administration and direct supervision, certified jail management, certified correctional training programs, medical and mental health, operations and programs, and legal issues. The jail expo will feature representatives from more than 250 companies.