Electronic Notification System

Viking Electronics Inc. introduces the SR-IP, a VoIP SIP loud ringer. The product quickly notifies employees of incoming calls and visitors with four traditional ringing sounds and doorbell tones. The SR-IP is a loud ringing and visual indication device that works over hosted and on-premise VoIP SIP phone systems. When the SR-IP is activated by an incoming call, it will produce a loud ring or door chime sound. Set the ring volume and choose a tone using Viking’s PC-based programming software. The SR-IP has a single RJ-45 network connection, is PoE powered and acts as a third-party SIP endpoint device. For especially noisy environments or applications that require visual indication, the SR-IP comes equipped with a 2 Amp SPDT relay. Use this relay to trigger Viking models BLK-4 and/or SL-2 strobe lights, or trip additional loud ringers like the SR-1.

Viking Electronics Inc.


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