Talk-Back Paging Speakers

The 40TB-IP SIP Paging Speaker is designed for two-way conversations and paging via SIP, and also allows for standard one-way paging and background music via multicast. Additionally, the 40TB-IP can place calls to two different sets of numbers for supporting both information and emergency “panic button” calls. The 40TB-IP connects as a third party SIP endpoint device to a hosted or local VoIP SIP phone system. Page a single speaker by dialing its phone extension, and also assign that 40TB-IP to several multicast groups to receive prioritized group pages simultaneously. Music, break-time tones and emergency notifications can also be routed to a single speaker endpoint or set of speakers belonging to a multicast group. A single RJ-45 connection allows for network connectivity and receives PoE power. The 40TB-IP has an amplified output capable of driving up to five additional 8-Ohm speakers connected in parallel. It also provides a line level output for connecting to external amplifiers.

Viking Electronics


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