Ark. County To Reduce Prisoners

VAN BUREN, Ark. — The Crawford County Quorum Court on Monday asked county sheriffs to present a proposal aimed at reducing the number of prison-bound felons being held at the Crawford County Jail.
Speaking at a Quorum Court budget committee meeting, sheriffs said the jail, which has a capacity of 88 beds, is currently holding 108 inmates, most of them felony offenders or inmates awaiting trial on felony charges.
The county is paying to house another 32 prisoners at either at the Carrol County Jail or the Sheridan City Jail.
Brown said another 53 county inmates convicted of crimes are free on release bonds, under which they are required to call the jail each day to check on the availability of prison space.
Under current conditions, there is no jail space for misdemeanor offenders. Those arrested are typically booked in and released until their court date.
Likewise, those on release bond and waiting for a prison cell are free, posing a high risk of committing additional offenses.
Marvin said the county currently receives $28 per day from the state to pay for the care of each convicted inmate awaiting a space in prison.
County Judge John Hall encouraged Marvin and Brown to bring an ordinance before the county asking for additional funding.