Flooring Membrane

DriTac Flooring Products has introduced DriTac Eco-DriBloc Premium "Green" Moisture Control and Adhesive Isolation Membrane for resilient flooring installations in a variety of facilities. This innovative eco-friendly product is used over porous concrete to help reduce penetration of the adhesive and dusting of the concrete, which results in increased spread rates and a stronger bond with DriTac resilient water-based floor covering adhesives. A fast drying, single-component concrete moisture control system and adhesive isolation membrane, Eco-DriBloc allows installers to apply a moisture mitigation system and install their resilient floor on the same day with only a 3-hour dry time. This roller applied, easy-to-use 2-in-1 product offers a zero VOC, zero solvent and low odor formula that also serves to isolate old adhesive residue, including cutback. Eco-DriBloc is available in 1- and 4-gallon pails.