Water Management System

The Willoughby WMSII Water Management System is a PC-based water control system for use with Willoughby Cell Valve Controller-equipped plumbing fixtures.

By serving as the operator interface for multiple individual trunks of networked Cell Valve Controllers (CVC2), the WMSII system allows full water usage control of up to four networks, each with a maximum of 127 nodes connected by up to 4,000 feet of CAT 3 network wiring, through a centrally-located PC workstation. The typical WMSII system will consist of a user-selected PC workstation, pre-programmed with a facility-specific WMSII control system; chase-mounted CVC2s, in networked or stand-alone configurations as specified; 8 feet of CVC2-to- valve/switch wiring; and any additional support or equipment as specified. Using a WMSII system control workstation, an operator can remotely view and control any function of any networked plumbing fixture.

The Willoughby WMSII system is recommended for correctional facilities and other applications that would benefit from water conservation, usage control, and the abatement of potential vandalism. Nearly all Willoughby back-supply fixtures with an accessible mechanical chase can be networked to a WMSII system.

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