Open Style Cabinet

Bolted together with tamper-resistant mechanical fasteners, the writing surface on this floor-mounted cabinet features heavy-duty, graffiti resistant, high-pressure laminate bonded to 45 lb. density particle board. T-mold vinyl edges are glued around circumference for tamper-resistance and security. Panels connect with internal barrel bolts. Heavy-duty graffiti resistant laminate on 45 lb. density particle board.

Legs and Seat Support:
10-inch radius curved portions of the legs support the top and for additional strength are fully welded to the vertical tubes that support the seats. The tops of the curved tubes and the tops of the seat support tubes are fully welded to 6 inches x 6 inches x ¼ inch thick steel plates. The bottoms of the seat tubes are fully enclosed to conceal floor-mounting anchors.

Option 1: Super Slammer Stone – 13-inch diameter high-density color impregnated compression molded composite that is highly scratch and stain resistant.

Option 2: Stainless Steel – 14-gauge, type 304. One-piece 12-inch diameter with 1 ½-inch drop edge. #4 finish.