Senstar Introduces New Security Management Solution

By CN Staff

OTTAWA, Canada—Senstar, a world leader in video management and perimeter intrusion detection solutions, has just launched its Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform with sensor fusion engine, a modular solution for security management and data intelligence. In addition to being an open, highly scalable video management system with built-in video analytics, it includes full-featured access control and perimeter intrusion detection modules.

“What truly sets Senstar Symphony apart from other systems is its sensor fusion engine,” said the firm’s Chief Technology Officer, Jeremy Weese. “By intelligently combining low-level sensor data with video analytics, the sensor fusion engine achieves the highest levels of performance, far beyond that of the individual devices. Senstar Symphony seamlessly incorporates sensor fusion, event algorithms, and rule-based actions to provide unmatched capabilities, flexibility, and performance.”

The modular design of the platform allows each function – video management, video analytics, security management, access control, and perimeter intrusion detection – to be used on its own as a world-class solution and to coexist with third-party systems. As an organization grows and needs evolve, operations can be streamlined by adding functions into the platform. The platform offers per device licensing, so organizations only pay for what they need, with the option to add licenses at any time. As well, the same Senstar Symphony software runs on all servers, making it easy to expand computing resources simply by adding additional hardware. Finally, with built-in server and database redundancy, Senstar Symphony eliminates the need for expensive Microsoft Clustering solutions normally required when deploying high-availability systems.

“With its sensor fusion engine and modular design, the Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform allows us to truly differentiate as we focus on delivering solutions for customers around the world in utilities, logistics, corrections, and oil and gas markets,” said Managing Director Fabien Haubert.

With innovative perimeter intrusion detection systems (including intelligent video management, video analytics, and access control; as well as fence sensors, buried sensors, and above ground sensors), Senstar offers a comprehensive suite of proven, integrated solutions that reduce complexity, improve performance and unify support.