Modular Hybrid Cooler

Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) recently announced enhancements to the revolutionary Nexus® Modular Hybrid Cooler, the world’s first intelligent, plug-and-play, modular hybrid fluid cooler for HVAC and light industrial applications. The Nexus® Modular Hybrid Cooler, which already led the industry for lowest installation costs, lowest operating costs, lowest maintenance costs, and maximum uptime now provides best water quality resulting from enhanced water management. An optional water disinfecting system as well as a product redesign now meet even the most stringent local building codes regarding fire safety and noise reduction.

The BAC Nexus® Modular Hybrid Cooler was designed to minimize maintenance cost by reducing spray water volume by up to 60%, by allowing accessibility to all components at the front of the unit, and by operating dry when temperature and climate allow. What’s more, it reduces water treatment costs with its DiamondClear® Design, which prevents stagnant water in the system and minimizes scale build-up and biological growth. The new optional, compact, and fully integrated UV water disinfecting system rounds out the product’s enhanced water management system. c

Baltimore Aircoil