Orange County, N.C. Plans Sustainable Jail

ORANGE COUNTY, N.C. — Orange County recently selected Moseley Architects of Charlotte, N.C., to design the new Orange County Detention Facility. The new jail aims to improve both energy efficiency and mental health care for inmates.

While design is still in its earliest phases, the new jail will likely include a number of sustainable features and cost approximately $20 million. It will replace the current Orange County Jail, which was originally constructed in 1925.

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Cell Slider

Airteq Systems, a division of Norment Security Group, offers its newly redesigned 120 VAC electro-mechanical sliding device to replace the existing 7150 and 7120 models. The slider redesign features three-point locking with an optional four-point locking system, and field reversible handling engineered for increased reliability and decreased maintenance, according to the company. The slider is undergoing ASTM testing alongside the company’s new two-inch and eight-inch solenoid locking devices.

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Razor Wire

Razor Wire International’s Rapid Deployment Unit is designed for fast and easy setup of razor wire material at 300 linear feet of standard long-barb razor wire in a three-stack pyramid. Several magazines of razor wire can be deployed with a single trailer. The triple strand Rapid Deployment Units come loaded with the company’s long barb material based on customer specifications and requirements. The RDU is designed to save time and money by not requiring as many people as standard field installations, and by lessening potential hazardous conditions.

Wood Grain Finish

Trussbilt announces the addition of a wood grain finish option for its security hollow metal products. For use in areas where aesthetics are important, such as courthouses and administrative spaces, the finish combines the look of a wood door with the safety of security steel. The wood grain option is part of Trussbilt’s portfolio of finish options, which includes anti-microbial, anti-graffiti, and sound-deadening paint finishes as well as the InvisiJoint finish system, which “erases” seams between TrussWall panels.

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Security Shelving System

Molded out of specially formulated, high-impact, fire-retardant polyethylene, Attenda Open Chest from Norix is a durable, open-face shelving system for intensive-use applications in critical environments. Filled with rigid polyurethane foam for extra strength and sound absorption and designed to be bolted to the floor, the chest provides accessible, visible storage space. Its seamless construction, rounded corners and permanently affixed, heavy-duty laminate top with rounded edge provides additional safety and security.