Remote Surveillance Robot

ReconRobotics introduces the Recon Scout IR, a remote-controlled robot with infrared technology designed for surveillance, reconnaissance and crisis response in correctional and criminal justice facilities. The impact-resistant unit is activated using a grenade-style pin-pull mechanism and can be thrown into place or fired from a tear-gas launcher. A black and white image sensor offers 60-degree horizontal and vertical fields of view and object-image capture at distances up to 25 feet. The unit’s infrared optical systems engage automatically in low ambient light and provide images in blackout conditions. A handheld controller allows remote operation of the robot, which transmits real-time video footage, at distances of up to 100 feet in interior spaces. The robot, which is 7.4 inches in length and weighs 1.2 pounds, operates at 20 decibels and features a titanium shell for impact resistance at heights of up to 30 feet, according to the manufacturer.

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