Molded Lounge Seating

Discover the unique qualities that set ModuForm’s Adore and Haven molded lounge furniture collections apart from the rest: safety, security, durability, and comfort. These pieces boast seamless, one-piece construction that not only repels fluids but also withstands even the most deliberate attempts at damage, providing assurance of safety and durability. Cleaning and sanitizing are a breeze, ensuring a hygienic environment, while features like anti-contraband design and ligature resistance offer added peace of mind.

ModuForm’s furniture is meticulously crafted with safety as our top priority. With a hollow core for easy ballasting and no sharp edges or surfaces that could cause harm, you can rest easy knowing your space is both secure and comfortable. Plus, the polyethylene shell is easily cleaned with commercial-grade cleansers, and graffiti can be removed without much effort.

Choose from an extensive color palette of 9 options to create a contemporary and inviting atmosphere. With over 48 years of experience serving adult and juvenile detention centers, ModuForm furniture has consistently proven itself as a reliable, practical and cost-effective solution.