Correctional Facility Cleaning System

Surtec provides a system for providing cleaning, coating, maintenance and hygiene solutions for correctional facilities. The company has developed and manufactured floor finishes, carpet products, glass cleaners, bowl cleaners, detergents, degreasers, disinfectants, as well as deodorizers and hand sanitizers with cleaning and coating products for all types of surfaces. With a focus on green systems, safety, appearance and protection — Surtec developed the Acti-Vac Vacuuming System for high-speed buffers and the Polivac High-Speed side-to-side swing buffer with total vacuuming system and the capability of micro-filtration, provide improved indoor air quality. It also offers its pressurized Automatic Finish Applicator, with multiple head configurations, applied through the head onto the floor with maximum controlled efficiency and minimum waste, according to the company.

Surtec System

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