Daron Hall

Nashville Prevention Partnership presented its Lifetime Achievement Award to Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall at the 2012 Annual NPP Awards Dinner on Nov. 8, 2012. NPP recognizes Hall’s career-long commitment to battling addictions as part of his philosophy: “The police arrest the person and it is our job to arrest the problem.” Hall oversees programs that provide treatment each year for more than 700 offenders in Davidson County — incarcerated or not. Those programs include New Avenues for men, which, when established in 1990, was one of the first jail-based licensed treatment programs in the nation. Hall also started the Healing Journey state-licensed alcohol and drugs treatment program for women. His efforts in battling addictions have gotten nationwide attention. To that end, the National Institute of Corrections has selected DCSO as one of only four sites for an initiative called Transition from Jail to Community. During his 25-year criminal justice career, Hall has served Davidson County under three sheriffs. He currently serves as the 101st president of the American Correctional Association. Hall is the first sheriff ever elected to this position in the organization’s 141-year history. Additionally, he is on the National Sheriffs’ Association’s Executive Board and Board of Directors. In 2003, he was appointed by Governor Phil Bredesen as one of two sheriffs to serve on the seven-member Tennessee Corrections Institute Board of Control and concluded his term in 2011.

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