Nevada DOC Awards $14 Million Energy Services Contract

CARSON CITY, Nev. — Department of Corrections officials awarded Noresco an energy services and performance contract designed to improve efficiency and reduce energy costs at four facilities.

The guaranteed energy savings agreement, which covers a combined 1.5 million square feet, will generate approximately $14 million in operational cost savings, officials say.

The agreement, which is structured as a performance contract, will allow the DOC to implement much-needed facility infrastructure and building systems improvements without upfront capital investment. The contract covers High Desert State Prison, Lovelock Correctional Center, Northern Nevada Correctional Center and Southern Desert Correctional Center.

“In this tight economy, this is the only method to obtain needed facility upgrades and provide preventive maintenance to keep systems operating and achieve sustainable energy savings,” says Lori Bagwell, DOC deputy director of support services.

The operational cost savings generated through energy-efficiency measures and reductions in energy consumption will finance investments in facility systems, equipment installation, and associated operations and maintenance over the terms of the contract, officials say.

“These facilities will operate more efficiently and with lower environmental impacts when the project is completed,” Bagwell says.

Based in Westborough, Mass., Noresco specializes in the development, design, construction, financing and operation of energy and environmental efficiency projects, performance contracting and central energy plants.

As part of the efficiency project, the Noresco team will retro-commission existing building automation systems at the four prisons and complete the installation of well-water heat exchange piping loops. The program will also focus on installing new building control systems and upgrading lighting systems.

The energy savings generated by these initial phase measures will be used to finance the replacement of antiquated and dysfunctional equipment and systems, such as heat pumps, kitchen hood controls and water softeners, officials say.

In addition to annual utility and operational savings of up $1.5 million for the DOC, the energy efficiency and facility improvement program is projected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions at the four prisons by approximately 19,000 tons. The carbon emissions reductions are equivalent to removing more than 3,000 automobiles from the road, officials say.