Correctional Healthcare Companies Win Muscogee County Contract

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Correctional Healthcare Companies (CHC) has been contracted by Muscogee County, Ga., to provide health care services to the area’s two correctional facilities.

As the largest provider of medical services to county jails in the nation, CHC will address health care need at the 1,100-bed Muscogee County Jail as well as the 550-bed Muscogee County Prison. The company was tasked with finding health care solutions to accommodate the county’s unique inmate population.

"The jail is also near Fort Benning and we pride ourselves on understanding military health issues and our health care personnel have the specialized experience, training and targeted programs to deal with incarcerated military or vets," said Doug Goetz, CEO of CHC, in a statement. "One of the deciding factors behind the final choice was that CHC was the only inmate health care provider offering continuity of correctional care, from pre- to post-custody, supported by our ground breaking methods and expertise."

Fort Benning, a major U.S. Army base, consists of 27,500 active duty soldiers. Muscogee County established model programs in order to appropriately address the challenges of army incarceration including a separate veteran’s wing and Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT), which aims to reduce violence and recidivism and was approved by the Veterans Affairs office for military applications.

CHC staff researched, organized, budgeted and presented a proposal to the county that reflects the company’s motto “Healing for Change.” The company’s comprehensive health care solutions stood out to Muscogee County officials.

“They brought us a realistic proposal that was fair and reasonable and has a proven success rate with like-sized jails,” said Paul Morris, health services administrator for Muscogee County Jail, in a statement. "We are truly trying to help and service the community, not just run a jail. CHC, with their extensive medical expertise combined with their behavioral programs, is just what we were looking for."

Under the guidance of CHC, Muscogee County will seek to expand its incarcerated veterans programs.

With more than 20 years of experience, CHC serves more than 250 correctional facilities throughout the nation. Each day, more than 70,000 detainees receive inmate health care services management as well as comprehensive medical, dental, behavioral and pharmaceutical solutions from CHC.

The contract between Muscogee County and CHC will officially begin Oct. 1.