Intercom System

Spectrum Intercom Systems by Jeron Electronic Systems Inc. provide remote control door and access point coverage for correctional facilities. The hands-free Spectrum 430/430-IP/460 model provides instant communication and clear, crisp voice quality thanks to Clearplex technology. The Spectrum’s digital signal processor instantly adjusts loud-speaking volume levels to compensate for acoustically difficult locations. With the administrative master station, there is never a busy signal. The attendant can field dozens of calls and answer them in any order. With built-in diagnostics, available redundant power sources and battery back up, Spectrum can provide reliable operation in the event of a power or telephone outage. Station types include both desktop and wall-mount units with loud-speaking duplex or handset operations. Master stations are equipped with a two-line LCD display. Special application units such as high-security substations, manufactured from heavy-gauge stainless steel are available. Spectrum also provides seamless integration to graphic annunciators, PLCs, radio pocket page, CCTV and two-way radios.