Wearable Access Control

Untethered Labs launched Halberd, the latest device in wearable access control, in December. The product caps off years of research and development by UL staff and follows the success of its predecessor, GateKeeper. Halberd is a Bluetooth proximity–based, access-control device that permits the user to their computer and have it automatically lock as they depart. Upon their return, Halberd restores the screen — all with no pins and passwords. The device saves computer security from breach as soon as a user leaves the immediate area as well as saves any lost work time logging on and off computers. Personal security is also greatly enhanced by the automatic lock and unlock capability based on proximity. Industries such as medicine, law, security, transportation and logistics will get a competitive advantage, as their competitors waste time, manpower and put themselves at potential of serious and costly data breach.

Untethered Labs