Cabinet Shower

The Willoughby US/KS Cabinet Shower is a single-user fixture for use in security environments with an accessible mechanical chase.

Unitized “US” fixtures are all-welded, fabricated from 14 gauge and 11 gauge, Type 304 stainless steel polished to a #4 satin finish, with slip-resistant glass-bead-blast finish floor; fixtures are also available in Knockdown “KS” configuration (non-welded). Standard US/KS Cabinet Shower fixtures come with an NPS shower head (mounted on a front mullion), integral EBD elbow waste (2” F.I.P.), and strainer drain.

The US/KS Cabinet Shower can be supplied with a variety of optional features including: size, valves, controls, plumbing, chase orientation, etc. All connections between the outside plumbing and the fixture are made within or at the rear of the vandal-resistant, stainless steel fixture.