Sensor Technology Provides Autonomous Health Monitoring Solution

Following the success of Toronto-based healthcare technology company Xandar Kardian’s UWB radar sensors in a maximum-security institution in Hong Kong that saved the life of an inmate, Reassurance Solutions has signed on to deploy the company’s sensor technology within the correctional facilities it serves. 

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Ohio Introduces Two-Meal Plan to Reduce Costs

COLUMBUS, Ohio — State inmates began receiving one fewer meal per day on weekends and holidays, beginning in August, but the cost-savings initiative will not reduce the amount of food served to inmates, according to corrections officials.

Under the plan, inmates at the state’s 32 prisons receive brunch instead of breakfast and lunch. The brunch plan delivers the same amount of food as the out-going three-meal system.

“The brunch meal plan was a result of a joint labor and management cost savings committee,” says JoEllen Culp, prisons spokeswoman.

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