Los Angeles Predicts Big Spending, Including Prison Funding

LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles County is hoping to spend at least a hefty $100 million alone on resolving the ongoing issues in the county involving health care and mainly prisons. In particular, with regards to the prison spending aspect, the county wishes to significantly decrease the ongoing issue of overcrowding within the local prisons, and improve its facilitation and care for mentally ill or unstable inmates.

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California to Provide Counseling to Mentally Ill Inmates

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) officials announced recently that mentally ill inmates in the state’s prison system will now receive more humane treatment.

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Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Seeks to Refurbish Mental Health Care

HARRISBURG, Pa. — The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections is looking to make changes within their detention facilities for the well-being of mentally ill or unstable inmates.

Recently, the state has made several changes in its facilities to provide a more suitable environment for mentally ill inmates. Some changes and improvements include hiring more mental health staff, better training provided for correctional officers, and providing the inmates with at least 20 hours a week outside of their cells.

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