FEMA Provides Funds to Reimburse Jail Repairs

NEW ORLEANS — The federal government is supplying $2.28 million to reimburse the New Orleans Criminal Sheriff’s Office for repairs to its main correctional facility, which suffered damage during Hurricane Katrina and the flooding that followed.

The Criminal Justice, Corrections and Public Safety Complex in New Orleans comprises several building that housed more than 7,600 inmates before the hurricane. Following the storm, the sheriff’s office repaired HVAC and fire suppression systems, and replaced cell doors and locks, aluminum doors, ductwork, circuit breaker boards and security systems.

The funding is part of a more than $48 million package to the sheriff’s office, which was used for mold remediation services at the correctional facility and construction of a temporary facility that housed more than 800 inmates.

“FEMA funds have now been obligated not only for temporary housing of those inmates, but for permanent repairs that are still in progress,” says Jim Stark, director of FEMA’s Louisiana Transitional Recovery Office.

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