Cipher Pad

Gallagher’s cipher pad feature provides everyday sites with a high security solution for strengthened PIN safety by randomizing on-screen key display for PIN entry. This added layer of protection defends cardholder credentials from being exposed to ‘shoulder-surfing’ attacks and is ideal for any site needing enhanced security for restricted areas or high-risk zones.

“With security threats advancing every day, our customers continually seek ways to build additional layers of security into their existing solution to protect their site against unauthorized access,” says Scott Elliott, Gallagher’s Vice President for the Americas.

“The cipher pad feature can be applied to previously installed Gallagher T20 and T21 readers, which means our customers can enjoy the added security this solution brings, without needing to purchase new hardware.”

The cipher pad feature was released as part of Command Centre v8.50 – the latest version of Gallagher’s award-winning site management software.