Macon County Jail Installs Inmate Communication Technology

By CN Staff

DECATUR, Ill.—HomeWAV, the leader in providing simple, secure inmate communication solutions, recently completed installation of a new inmate communication system at Macon County Jail in Decatur, Illinois on May 17.

With a capacity of 270 inmates, Macon County Jail is partnering with HomeWAV as their all-in-one provider for inmate voice calls, video visitation, eMessaging, mail scanning, voice biometrics, commissary integration, law library, and inmate forms through 56 HomePAS™ (Protected Access System) kiosks and 270 ComPAS™ tablets.

Selecting HomeWAV for its exceptionally innovative technology, Macon County Jail now has capabilities to use remote visitation without any advanced scheduling, with low costs to make voice calls for just 15 cents per minute and video calls for just 25 cents per minute.

“We look forward to our partnership with HomeWAV to provide advanced inmate communications and other technology solutions in the Macon County Jail,” said Macon County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Kristopher Thompson. “They were chosen for their promised commitment to quality service and their demonstrated capabilities. We have no doubt our contract will be beneficial to the County and hope it’s a long-lasting partnership.”

One of HomeWAV’s latest product offerings, ComPAS™ tablets, includes messaging, forms, law library, commissary ordering, educational opportunities, and entertainment, including a selection of movies, books, music, and games.

“By providing tablets to the facility, the inmates will now have access to educational and drug treatment programs as well as messaging and entertainment features,” said HomeWAV Director of Business Development Jim DiCenso. “Our system is designed to give the inmates the opportunity for self-improvement and education with the hope of reducing recidivism. Keeping the inmates busy with educational tools, religious materials, books and movies will also cut down on violent and disruptive acts in the jail and make for a safer environment for everyone in the facility.”