Gary Mohr

Congratulations to Gary Mohr for recently receiving the prestigious E.R. Cass Correctional Achievement Award from the American Correctional Association. The E.R. Cass Award is the highest honor in corrections, recognizing individuals who have demonstrated outstanding contributions to the field and whose impact resonates throughout the industry.

In his heartfelt acceptance speech, Gary humbly acknowledged the role of those who have supported him along the way, include his family, close friends, and colleagues. He stated, “Truth is that I have been given more opportunities and supported by more great people than anyone else I have met… I owe so much to those that have given me a chance to continue work after Ohio to make tomorrow better for others.” Gary is currently a Senior Fellow with CGL, a position that allows him to support correctional leaders across the United States in their pursuit of greatness, even in facilities designed with a different vision in mind.

A true standout in the field, Mohr’s journey in the world of corrections has been nothing short of exceptional. With over 47 years of dedicated experience, he has emerged as one of the most revered and respected correctional leaders in the nation. Serving as the 106th President of the ACA, Gary has been at the forefront of shaping the future of corrections through innovative ideas and unwavering commitment.

Among many career accomplishments is Mohr’s transformative leadership during his time as the Director of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. His visionary approach led to significant improvements in security measures and the development and implementation of groundbreaking programs that address the unique needs of incarcerated individuals. His impact has left an indelible mark on the Ohio corrections system, setting a standard of excellence for the entire nation.

Gary’s achievements reflect his unwavering dedication, innovation, and commitment to making a positive impact on the corrections field. We congratulate Gary on receiving the E.R. Cass Award and thank him for his invaluable contributions to our industry.

In his closing remarks, Gary referenced an article he had recently penned for the Correctional Education Association (CEA) titled, Words Do Matter, Sometimes More Than We Know: “Some know I have written about that,” Mohr said. “The words of another professional in uniform 84 years ago mattered. He stood in front of tens of thousands of people and his team to announce his retirement and a terminal illness that would soon take his life. His words; the words of Lou Gehrig are mine tonight, ‘Today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth’. Today has been a great day to be alive.”

CN joins the industry in celebrating Gary Mohr’s outstanding achievements and his continued dedication to improving the lives of those within the corrections system.