Cell Phone Forensics

Micro Systemation introduces the Field Version 2, a secure cell phone forensic work tool for law enforcement agents performing crime-scene investigations. The compact, lightweight device is based on the Panasonic Toughbook U1 and can be pre-installed with a software bundle that enables recovery of data from locked phones and deleted information from cell phone memory cards. The product features a 9-hour battery life and comes with a shock-resistant and weatherproof case for field operations.

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Intercom Station

Harding Instruments introduces the IMS-600 Intercom Master Station, a telephone-style master station system that uses Voice over Internet Protocol. It includes a 128 x 64 pixel display and a menu-driven interface that supports audio communication, alarm reporting and control functions.

Master-to-intercom, master-to-master, zone paging, station group calls and monitoring are all supported on the system, along with the ability to acknowledge, cancel and reset incoming calls. It also allows the user to monitor, activate and deactivate output points.

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Digital Call Manager

Securus offers the Echo Word Search digital call manager, which processes recorded conversations from inmate telephone calls and searches for specific words. Facility operators can determine which words the system looks for and details about calls can be retrieved easily. The system provides users with information on the time and date of a call, originating and dialed numbers, call length and what key words were used.

The call manager can be used for inmates system-wide or for specific inmates.

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