Tackling Issues: Designing Facilities for the Mentally Ill

With dwindling options for state-level mental health treatment, county jails are managing a population of inmates that they are often ill equipped to handle. According to the Department of Justice’s 2006 Special Report, 64 percent of those being held in local jails had a mental illness, up from 16 percent in 1998.

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Douglas County Studies How to Help Mentally Ill Inmates

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Kan. — Like many cities and counties, Douglas County, Kan., has seen an uptick in the number of people with mental health conditions arriving at the county jail. Last year, the number was nearly 40 percent. In an era where more people in the community suffer mental health impairments and less funding is available for treatment, it’s no surprise. As part of its current study to address jail overcrowding, the county is looking for a new solution.

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New York City to Spend $130 Million for Mentally Ill Inmates

NEW YORK CITY — On Monday, Dec. 1, New York City announced that they plan to spend $130 million in order to change the way its criminal justice system handles mentally ill inmates. The plan was issued by Mayor Bill de Blasio, and concerns itself with mentally ill inmates cycling between prison systems, and the way the justice system controls these mentally ill inmates. The plan also desires to look into a way to prevent unnecessary arrests, and then punishing those who commit such minor crimes with treatment rather than jail time.

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London To Divert Mentally Ill From Prison

LONDON The first step toward establishing a national service to divert the mentally ill from prison is due to be announced by the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley and Justice Secretary Ken Clarke.
The two cabinet ministers will announce they have found $8 million to put into 100 diversion sites across England and Wales as part of their plan to create a national liaison and diversion service by 2014.
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Four States Join Mental Health Justice Initiative

NEW YORK — The Council of State Governments Justice Center selected the leading judges of Delaware, Idaho, New Hampshire and Wisconsin to participate in the Chief Justices’ Criminal Justice Mental Health Leadership Initiative.

Part of the Council of State Governments’ Criminal Justice Mental Health Consensus Project, the leadership initiative was developed to help State Supreme Court justices improve criminal justice system responses to individuals with mental health issues.

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