Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Perimeter Solutions Inc. offers the Secotec Multisensor Perimeter Intrusion Detection System utilizing a standard twisted-pair copper cable as a detection sensor. The cable, which is attached to a standard mesh or barbed wire fence or placed underground, reacts to mechanical stress induced by climbing, spreading, or cutting.

Microprocessor-based control electronics enable the user to adjust the detection parameters to custom requirements. The sensor can be adjusted to ignore all non-intrusion disturbances and fence movement. Very small intrusion signals will, however, still be detected, the company says.

Secotec Multisensor can have detection zones up to 1,000m in length and is available in both a hardwired (HWS) or computerized multiplexed (CMS) version. The HWS version uses dry contact relays as alarm outputs and is suitable for simple installations and for integration into existing systems.

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