HOMEWAV Visitation System

PROMOTION — The HOMEWAV visitation system is the most advanced web-based visitation system available today. HOMEWAV offers all the advantages of traditional visitation systems, including live monitoring, recording, and JMS/database access.
Our easy-to-use administrative package allows facilities complete control of visits and visitors at all times. The patent pending communication system allows the visitor and inmate to set up appointments directly without the need for jail personnel involvement.
There is no need for jail personnel to be involved in scheduling, coordinating, or transporting of inmates for visitation. The HOMEWAV system is seamless and no jail personnel are needed to connect a visit. Best of all, this advanced system unit from HOMEWAV is FREE. The installation is FREE and it is maintained for FREE for the length of the contract. For further information email: info@homewav.com

Home WAV Difference